We are designed for human connection

27 May 2020

Farnborough's Carlo Zoccali talked to Ed Tranter, Managing Director at 73 Media on his love for face to face events and passion for the events community, and the need for human connection.

Ed has worked in media and events for over 25 years with senior roles at Centaur, Informa and then as an owner of Findlay Media, the latter sold to Mark Allen Group in 2013.

He was the launch MD of MA Exhibitions turning the company into a multi award winning organiser, delivering 36% of the group’s turnover, with events on five continents. Ed is the managing director and founder of 73 Media, a business focussed on delivering consumer, B2B and corporate events, he owns a lot of guitars (playing them all badly), loves his chickens and is a member of the AEO board.

Ed says “We are as a species, I believe, designed for human connection. We are designed for relationship with each other. And that experience comes from meeting face to face.”

[What do you love about events?] "You can learn, you can develop, you can grow. You can expand your ideas, your horizons and your business in a way like nothing else can."

Ed looks forward to a positive outcome “When we come out of this, we will have the mother of all mighty parties and it will be phenomenal. And we'll all be together and it will be the big group hug in the history of the world.”

Watch the full interview here:

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