Farnborough is where ideas meet action! Our venue and team are fully flexible to ensure your event is a success.

Your space to create extraordinary

At Farnborough, we offer unique spaces for every event giving you ample opportunity to bring your vision to life. From world-class exhibitions to conferences and live events – we’ve got the spaces, passion and expertise to maximise the success of your event. Explore what our adaptable venue has to offer...

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About Farnborough

A multi-functional venue with flexible spaces for any event

Our venue spaces have been designed and developed for the sole purpose of hosting events of all scale. To add that extra pizazz to your event, our venue offers ample personality with a spectacular runway backdrop. With the perfect mix of expertise, location and facilities to deliver memorable events.


30 minutes from Heathrow airport, 50 minutes from Gatwick.


2,500 hotel bedrooms within a 10-mile radius


Located on a secure, private site


15 minutes from the M3 Motorway


35 minutes from London by train


Access to influential visitor base


We can point you in the right direction

We offer versatile spaces for a range of events including exhibitions, conferences, meetings, award ceremonies and filming projects. Search here to find what you need.

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