The Show Must Go On: The New Era of Innovation & Creativity in Events

22 June 2020

Do you love live events? Miss the excitement and wondering what’s next?

As an industry and community we’re extremely passionate, creative and innovative; we’re also resilient and highly adaptable.

Farnborough International are hosting a live online panel discussion on 2 July 2020 3pm BST. Hear from our line-up of industry leaders on what they value about face to face events; the positive changes they foresee for the industry, and how they’re planning adapt for a new future full of new opportunities - events will be back with a bang.

We're partnering with with Vevox, providing live Q&A and Aztec, providing a virtual streaming set up. 

Register your space today - click here.

Learn more about our panel speakers.

Sam McNeill, General Manager at Song Division

Voted as a Top Five Speaker in Spice Magazine’s Hot 100, Sam McNeill ‐ SongDivision GM for UK &
Europe ‐ is one of the most in‐demand Corporate MC’s & Facilitators. Sam has hosted over 500
interactive live and online experiences including musical team building workshops, gala awards
events and product launches on five continents. Sam’s accolades include winning ‘Future Leader’ awards for both Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). In 2017, Sam was included in Connect Corporate’s esteemed list of ’40 under 40’ industry professionals.

Tom Hurley, Head of Events & Creative Services at Liberty Global and Virgin Media

Tom has a background of internal and external communications experience and has worked in the Retail, Financial Services and Telecoms sectors. He now leads a shared services team across Liberty Global and Virgin Media. The Events and Creative Services team is responsible for creating, producing and delivering a wide range of branded content; including print, film and digital, events and experiential moments.

Caleb Parker, Founder & Director at Bold

Caleb Parker is an American entrepreneur in London, and Founder of Bold. He believes in "challenging the status quo" and is a champion for entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. Caleb has served as founder, Board member, advisor, investor and consultant to numerous startups and small businesses, and has a keen focus on innovation and technology, with interests in the MICE market, Space-as-a-Service, and the future of work.

Sarah Yeats, Managing Director at Sledge

Sledge are Curators of Live Experience and Film. They build the strategy, create compelling content and deliver exceptional live experiences and film. As Managing Director at Sledge after being at the agency for seven years Sarah drives the company forward pushing for innovation and creativity at every turn. Sarah is passionate about nurturing talent and runs an agency from which the team have opportunities to fulfil and exceed their potential.



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