Innovation helps the world to turn

23 June 2020

We spoke to Chris Lynn, Global Business Development Consultant, about the power of events and how we can utilise innovation to drive the events industry forward.

Chris F.J. Lynn, is a well-known and trusted leader in the tourism industry, with more than 20 years of high level and critical experience in the field of business destination marketing, is based in New York and focused on strategic and business development projects. 

Lynn launched his own Consultancy at the start of 2020, with his collaboration with the Anchor Collection, a boutique marketing representation company and addition of Farnborough and Barbican as clients. Prior to 2020 for 16 years Lynn was the Chief Representative for London & Partners, where he led the business development operations in North America for London & Partners.

He has garnered a number of awards including being named Supplier of the Year in 2018 by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).

Chris tells us why he loves events “Events to me are a sense of community. It's a sense of bringing people together.”

He adds, “When it comes to both curated content and informal discussion, you throw those two together you get a sense of innovation. And I think that innovation really helps the world to turn.”

“Right now innovation is what's going to enable us to turn in a forwards trajectory for the future.”

Chris looks forward to a bright future for the industry “It's creating an ability to dream right now…that ability to dream and possibly to reinvent what our industry will look like in the future.”

“There's so much that could be learnt through the power of events and what events do in bringing people together on both sides…it's how we learn and that sense of learning is how we evolve.”

Watch the full interview here:

Join the conversation, follow us @farnborough_int #weloveevents and register for our upcoming panel discussion "The Show Must Go On: The New Era of Innovation & Creativity in Events" on 2 July 3PM BST, click here to register.

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