#WeLoveEvents Talks: Frazer Chesterman

It's time to think differently

09 June 2020

Frazer Chesterman, Director at FM Future speaks to Farnborough International’s head of Marketing, Michelle Clover on his passion for delivering live events (and the showbiz), how events might evolve for the better and shares some words of advice to the industry.

Frazer began his working life in recruitment, then publishing as part of Reed Business Publishing. The move to Exhibitions came in 1997 and he has not looked back since. With the experience of running events in diverse markets he is convinced of the power of events to make a considerable impact on the participating company, to forge new opportunity and to unite new markets. Since 2003 he has operated within the printing industry by joining FESPA and as the managing director took an ailing exhibition that was in decline and turned it around into the market leading business success it is today. Since 2011, he and Marcus Timson formed FM Brooks, a JV with Mack Brooks Exhibitions, to launch new shows for new print markets with the InPrint show now the leading globally recognised event for industrial Print technology.

Frazer now runs FM Future and regular workshops on ‘Launching new events – Event LaunchPad’.

In our interview, Frazer explains why he loves live events “I like the fact that you are building towards something. And then you open on the morning and it's live … And people are coming in…you've brought these people to this location, you put the content together. You've delivered this kind of huge, phenomenal marketplace for them.”

He adds “The bit that we're missing is that sensory behaviour that we get through going to an exhibition, which is the touch, the feel, the look, the kind of, experiencing the product, the service.”

Looking forward to the future Frazer predicts “We’ll see an evolution of our events and the events may be all be a little bit more targeted.”

“This is such a great opportunity to take that time to think about what you're doing. Think about the way you run your business and see what you can disrupt yourself. Think differently.”

Watch the full interview here:

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