A Great First Year and a Bright Future Ahead

Bex Hale

27 March 2019

The Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre (FIECC) is celebrating a successful first year of its £30million venue.

The past 12 months has seen the venue become established as trusted and versatile. FIECC is one of the UK’s only venues to provide a collaborative approach to event delivery offering organisers full access to Farnborough International’s on-site expertise, and world-class experience and knowledge. 

Highlights from the first year include:

  • Being at the heart of the Farnborough International Airshow, where the Prime Minister described it as an “outstanding building.”
  • Accommodating vehicles of all size, from an Airbus H135 helicopter at the recent Security and Policing Expo, to a 16-tonne truck filmed undertaking a handbrake turn as part of a major feature-film stunt.
  • Hosting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who gave a stunning performance played during Runefest 18.

Michael Watton, Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre’s Venue Director says: “We’ve had an exceptionally strong start and proven the capability of this venue and ourselves as an organising team to the industry.

“It has been fantastic to welcome a variety of new shows and we’re now seeing multi-show signings underscoring the value of our approach to establishing long-term relationships with event organisers.

“Importantly, we’ve demonstrated that this location delivers a high-quality audience. Farnborough is located at the heart of the UK’s Sci:Tech corridor with a high concentration of large UK and international businesses.”

“Looking ahead, we’re delighted to be part of the launch of new shows including ITT HUB 2020 – an event focussed on innovation and technology in transport. And in November we host vertical Flight Expo. Each show will make full use of our site to demonstrate products and innovation, using the private road network and air space capability.”

The Exhibition and Conference Centre is a venue shaped around Farnborough as the birthplace of aviation and a globally-recognised hotbed of innovation. It is an inspiring and very different location for events; providing a number of opportunities for organisers to engage with delegates.

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