2021 Events Get The Green Light From May

2021 Events Get The Green Light From May

Kate Bailey

05 March 2021

The Government’s recent roadmap to cautiously ease lockdown, coupled with the success of the vaccine programme brings a greater sense of confidence that 2021 will feel closer to normal and our industry is showing tenacity.

Here at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre we are working in partnership with a number of event organisers who feel strongly that, in a COVID safe environment, the return to live events – subject to reaching the roadmap milestones – will be seized upon.

No one could have predicted at the start of a three-week lockdown in March 2020, that almost a year later the impacts of this global pandemic would still be felt.

The past year has given us a chapter of history to live through; it has been a generation-defining period that will remain part of the world’s conversation for decades but optimism is beginning to push its way through the gloom – timed impeccably with the arrival of spring.  The roadmap guidelines state up to 4000 visitors can be hosted outside and there’s no question that our venue’s abundance of outdoor space plays a crucial factor in enabling a safe return to hosting events.

Recently confirming new dates, the award-winning National Running Show now takes place from 17 to 18 July and requires outdoor space to accommodate show features including the All Terrain Running Zone where runners can experience the impact of different running surfaces.

A launch event – the ground-breaking transport technology show – Innovation and Technology in Transport (ITT Hub) is also a part of this summer’s line-up taking place from 30 June -1 July. Commercial transport vehicles such as trucks, vans, buses and coaches will undertake a programme of demonstrations on tracks of up to three miles long as part of a large-scale exhibition focussed on sustainable transport solutions and the Government’s pledge to achieve net zero.   

Launching an event against the backdrop of a global pandemic is a brave move; however, show organisers, Binswood Media, have no doubt that there is major demand for a focussed opportunity to explore new ways to meet the sustainability challenge facing commercial road transport.  

Mark Griffin, CEO of Binswood Media says: “The Government’s forthcoming decarbonisation plan to achieving net zero carbon emissions from commercial vehicles demands that the industry explores major technological innovation and infrastructure solutions.

“ITT Hub is the first time the complete supply chain – manufacturers, operators, technology suppliers and policy makers – will be in one place at one time, exploring how this seismic shift will happen.  

“At Farnborough we have the support of a highly experienced team along with a world-class venue and, crucially, the required combination of indoor and outdoor space to host an event of this size in a COVID-safe environment.”

Speaking about 2021’s events, Carlo Zoccali, incoming venue director at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre says: “Events enable growth – whether that’s through exhibitions which bring suppliers and manufacturers together with a focussed customer-base; conferences that provide thought-leadership and insight; demonstrations that showcase innovation; or networking.

“As we seek to re-build, the role of these opportunities is set to increase coupled with a deeper appreciation of the power that meeting face to face brings. We will see two launch events at Farnborough this year – ITT Hub, Space-Comm Expo, National Running Show and British Motor Show - which is something we are very proud of; commitment to bringing new shows to market in this climate underscores their value to the industries each will serve.

“We will welcome the Event Production Show in partnership with Mash Media, on 26-27 May. The amount of outdoor space was a critical aspect in the decision to host with us; but it will be an honour to have so many colleagues from across the industry, uniting for the first time in over a year, at an event which will be vital for the sector’s revival following the devastating impacts of this pandemic on businesses connected with live events.”

 “We are absolutely delighted that event organisers feel confident in hosting their events at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre and reassured that our team fully understands the requirements of hosting in a COVID-secure way and look forward to a calendar that looks an awful lot busier that in 2020.” 

Other highlights include:

  • Fully Charged Live, 18 to 20 June: dedicated, immersive show for the world’s number one clean energy and electric vehicle channel.
  • Space-Comm Expo, 7 to 8 July: a new trade exhibition focused on the commercialisation of Space for business, defence and aerospace. The event will bring the whole sector together for two days of business and networking.
  • Southern Manufacturing, 6 to7 October & Feb 2022 – the UK’s most comprehensive annual industrial exhibition and showcase for technology in products across a wide range of industries – double show in both Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022.

For further information on the upcoming event’s schedule, visit our What’s On page for more on 2021 and 2022 events.

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