I love seeing the joy of getting communities together

20 July 2020

We spoke to Mike Seaman, CEO and Co-Founder of Raccoon Events, home of the award-winning National Running Show, about his love for exhibitions, bringing communities together and looking forward to an exciting 2021.

Mike is the CEO and Co‐Founder of Raccoon Events, the home of the award‐winning National Running Show. Prior to this, Mike has spent 17 years in the events industry with companies such as VMG, UBM, Centaur, Closer Still Media and Clarion Events.

Raccoon Events is a dynamic, high-growth events business focused on health and well-being markets. Our events are well-timed, community-driven, tightly focussed and passion-led. They bring buyers and sellers together to see cutting edge innovations in a fun and exciting way.

Mike shares his love for face to face events, “I think we've all learned that through the last few months as we've been stuck on Zoom, that there is there is no greater feeling than being surrounded by a group of people that share your same passion.”

“I love the people, I love the community, I love the buzz that you get on site...and seeing the joy of getting those communities together.”

Mike tells us about his optimism for 2021, “I'm incredibly positive. We've already got a bigger running show in January than we had last year. We've got a new launch at Farnborough in June, which we're very excited about, for the Running Show…So right now, if you're a consumer events organiser operating in the health and well-being markets, there's no better time to run events.”

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