Aztec Event Services Chosen as AV Supplier

Mary Kearney

20 May 2019

Farnborough International and Aztec Event Services have confirmed a five-year preferred supplier arrangement for the supply and management of audio visual (AV) equipment throughout the £30 million Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre (FIECC).

Aztec Event Services are set to install and manage:

  • 20 digital signage screens throughout the building.
  •            2 digital wayfinding totems located in each of the building’s foyers.
  •            A variety of 5K Projectors, 86" & 60"displays

In addition to the fixed infrastructure, Aztec will have a permanent presence in the venue to support the FIECC sales process and events taking place there. 

John Robson, Aztec’s Managing Director, says "supporting venues is a major element of our business and we're utterly thrilled to be partnering with Michael and his team at the FIECC.

“We took the view early in the RFP process that the FIECC would require an AV partner that could offer a variety of services that suited the diversity of the venue."

Michael Watton, FIECC Venue Director says: “We are delighted to be working with Aztec, they’re synonymous with outstanding quality and have a great reputation throughout the events industry.

“This deal provides long-term certainty that our AV facilities are best-in-class. I’m really looking forward to seeing events of all sizes making our venue their own through digital branding within the venue.”

Extensive AV throughout the venue provides event organisers with integrated facilities for demonstrating, communicating and amplifying their brand. Wayfinding totems ensure a straight-forward visitor experience and as they can be digitally branded, organisers can make a strong first impression.

John Robson, Aztec’s Managing Director, further commented: “We’ve started installing the fixed infrastructure into the venue and our commercial team have started working alongside FIECC to help map out the technology offering. Clients and their delegates expect to see state of the art AV solutions and I’m confident that they won’t be disappointed when they visit the FIECC.”

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