#WeLoveEvents Talks: Lisa Holt

Events increase our effectiveness

22 May 2020

We spoke to Lisa Holt at Zing Insights about what she loves about face to face events and why face to face business is so important.

Lisa sort of fell into her career in research 30+ years ago (eek!). She's a classically trained researcher, a member of the Market Research Society and the Association of Qualitative Research Practitioners. Lisa has specialised in media and events research for over 25 years.

Lisa launched Zing Insights 9 years ago; we now work with some of the biggest media and event companies in the world, including Farnborough International. Their work helps organisations to understand their audiences, create and refine propositions, communicate effectively, reduce churn, grow and increase profitability.

Lisa says "It's that incredible energy and events enable connections in a way that no other tool can. We're interacting constantly these days through platforms like this. But it can't replicate that feeling of bumping into someone that you haven't seen for years, or meeting someone face to face that you've been dealing with by email or phone for months.”

“If this situation teaches us anything, it's that we're essentially social beings and the interactions that we achieve face to face through events feed our souls. They help to build our trust. They help to increase the credibility of the organisations that are involved.”

“I think if I'm certain of anything at all, it's that people will soon gravitate towards people again and we will want to touch and feel products; will want to talk to specialists face to face, we'll want to interact, to network, to learn, and we'll want to continue to be human.”

Watch the full interview here: 

Follow the conversation on our social channels at @Farnborough_Int #WeLoveEvents - more interviews coming soon!

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