We are able to adapt and innovate

28 May 2020

Stephen Brooks talks to Farnborough on the strength of coming together as a community and adapting to change to innovate.

Stephen is a Global Trade Show Exhibition Organiser with more than 30 years’ experience of organising trade shows throughout the world, in Europe, Asia and the Americas, with specialist knowledge of events markets in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Brazil, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India and Dubai.

Stephen tells us what he loves about events “…seeing things from a blank sheet of paper…through to taking place. People sometimes used to get upset when the shows were broken down… it's that reward you get from seeing the thing through to taking place physically in front of your very eyes.”

He adds “Whatever the virus does, we'll find a way of accommodating it, reacting to and representing face to face, which is so fundamental and which people will always want.”

And looking forward to the future of events “The great strength of organisers and of the industry and of the events format is we can adapt and we can innovate and we can renew a new market, a new manner.”

“You have to learn to adapt, and as an industry, I think we've proven over many years we're very flexible, very able to adapt and innovate, and we need to be doing that now.”

Watch the full interview:

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