Turf Games

The Turf Games UK Winter Festival 2023 was a celebration of fitness, strength, and community spirit. Participants from diverse backgrounds came together to showcase their prowess, making it a landmark event in the fitness calendar. With a range of challenging workouts and an atmosphere buzzing with energy, the Turf Games was more than just a day of fitness. It was an experience, a community, and a movement that inspired many to push their boundaries and achieve their best.

Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre provided an ideal backdrop for this high-energy event. The venue's spacious interiors were transformed into challenging workout zones, while the outdoor areas were utilized for endurance tests. Farnborough's team was proactive in understanding the unique requirements of the Turf Games, from setting up equipment to ensuring safety protocols. Their commitment to flexibility and excellence ensured that participants had an unparalleled experience, and the event was executed flawlessly.

Caroline Lucey, Chief of Operations, Turf Games, said:

“Our objectives were met completely from our first year working with FIECC. We are excited to be renewing our contract with the venue for multiple years to come and look forward to expanding further into the additional space that the venue offers.

“The event was a success with positive feedback on all fronts but in particular on the venue. Lisa and the team were a pleasure to work with.”


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