The British Motor Show

The British MotorShow 2023, held from 15th to 18th August, was an automotive extravaganza, drawing car enthusiasts and industry professionals from all over. Celebrating the latest in automotive innovation, design, and technology, the event set a new benchmark for motor shows in the UK. With four epic days of exhibitions, the 2023 show was hailed as the best yet, setting the bar even higher for future events. The show's success was not just in numbers but also in the quality of interactions, partnerships forged, and business opportunities created.

Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, with its expansive and versatile spaces, was instrumental in accommodating the vast array of exhibits and interactive zones that the Motor Show demanded. The state-of-the-art facilities at Farnborough ensured that exhibitors could showcase their innovations seamlessly, while attendees enjoyed a comfortable and immersive experience. The dedicated team at Farnborough worked closely with the Motor Show organizers, providing logistical support, advanced tech solutions, and ensuring that every aspect of the event ran smoothly.

Andy Entwistle, Chief Executive, Automation Events & The British Motor Show, said: ”We've now held the British Motor Show at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference since 2021 and very much see the venue as the home of the show for the foreseeable future. The team have been relentless in their drive to support my business and our event. It’s a joy to work with all departments across the venue team and I look forward to continuing our partnership for 2023 and the future.”

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