DPRTE 2023 organized at Farnborough International on 29th March 2023 served as a pivotal platform for the defence procurement community, bringing together stakeholders to discuss, collaborate, and shape the future of defence procurement in the UK. The event featured extensive skills development sessions, networking opportunities, collaboration platforms, and a product showcase that catered to both MOD/public sector buyers and private sector organizations. It was a unique convergence of ideas, innovations, and partnerships.

The Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, with its reputation for hosting large-scale professional events, was the chosen venue for DPRTE. The multi-faceted event required multiple seminar rooms, exhibition spaces, and networking zones, all of which Farnborough provided with ease. The venue's advanced tech capabilities facilitated seamless presentations and virtual collaborations. The Farnborough team's expertise in event management ensured that DPRTE's diverse requirements were met, from security protocols to specific tech needs, making it a resounding success.

Laura Aitkenhead, Head of Events Development, BiP Solutions, said:

“DPRTE has held their annual event at Farnborough International for several years now and we’re delighted to keep coming back. The venue suits us for a number of reasons, and it’s been great to build relationships with the team over the past few years, so that they know what we need before we even ask for it.”


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