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Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre


2 JULY 2020 3PM BST

Join The Live Panel Discussion

The Show Must Go On: The New Era of Innovation & Creativity in Events | Thursday 2 July 2020 @ 3pm BST

Do you love live events? Miss the excitement and wondering what’s next?

As an industry and community we’re extremely passionate, creative and innovative; we’re also resilient and highly adaptable. In this live panel discussion hosted by Farnborough International hear from our line-up of industry leaders on what they value about face to face events; the positive changes they foresee for the industry, and how they’re planning adapt for a new future full of new opportunities - events will be back with a bang.

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Our Speakers

Carlo Zoccali, Head of Sales

[Moderator] Farnborough Int

Sarah Yeats, Managing Director


Tom Hurley, Head of Events & Creative Services

Liberty Global and Virgin Media

Caleb Parker, Director


Sam McNeill, General Manager

Song Division

#WeLoveEvents Talks - Hear From Our Community

Lisa Holt, Zing Insights

We spoke to Lisa Holt at Zing Insights about what she loves about face to face events, why face to face business is so important and how to adapt thinking for future business.

Ed Tranter, 73 Media

Ed Tranter, Managing Director at 73 Media talks to us on his love for face to face events and passion for the events community, and the need for human connection.

Dan Thurlow, SEC Glasgow

Dan Thurlow, Director of Exhibitions at SEC Glasgow talks to Farnborough on the power of exhibitions, collaboration and building confidence for future events.

Frazer Chesterman, FM Future

Frazer Chesterman, Director at FM Future talks to Farnborough International on his passion for events (and the showbiz) and the importance of face to face business.

Jemma Peers, Top Banana

Jemma Peers, Client & Commercial Director at Top Banana talks to Farnborough about what makes face to face events meaningful and predicts the future of events.

Cecilia Lavin, ILEA UK

Cecilia Lavin, President of ILEA UK talks to Farnborough about the importance of relationship building, networking and being a positive voice.