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Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre

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A recording of our live panel discussion

The Show Must Go On: The New Era of Innovation & Creativity in Events

We ran a live panel discussion from Aztec's studio featuring four fantastic speakers, discussing the new era of events. 

As an industry and community we’re extremely passionate, creative and innovative; we’re also resilient and highly adaptable.

In this live panel discussion hosted by Farnborough International hear from industry leaders on what they value about face to face events; the positive changes they foresee for the industry, and how they’re planning adapt for a new future full of new opportunities - events will be back with a bang.

Join the conversation, follow us @Farnborough_Int #WeLoveEvents.


Our Speakers

Carlo Zoccali, Head of Sales

[Moderator] Farnborough Int

Sarah Yeats, Managing Director


Tom Hurley, Head of Events & Creative Services

Liberty Global and Virgin Media

Caleb Parker, Director


Sam McNeill, General Manager