Sustainability Policy

Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre are fully committed to a collaborative, positive and concise approach to sustainability. Farnborough International also recognise that in order to comply with these aims, consideration for sustainability and welfare must be treated as an equal priority with all other commercial considerations and therefore give full backing at senior management level both to the Sustainability Policy and to those with the responsibilities to carry the policy out. 

Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre run an Environmental Management System that aligns with ISO2012:1. 

Our Vision: To embed a Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) culture across our organisation which becomes the benchmark across the UK aerospace and events industry. 

Our Mission: To develop a SHEQ framework that supports all areas of the business highlighting how a moral, technical and regulatory approach will result in zero landfill, 100% compliance and achieve client, stakeholder and staff satisfaction. 


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