Space Zone

The Space Zone and Space Conference are now a core feature to the at the Farnborough International Airshow features the UK Space Agency and other international space bodies and organisations. In 2014, the UK Space Agency also host a series of seminars on selected space and satellite enabled topics relavant to visiting aerospace, aviation, defence and security commerical communities as well as the visiting civil and military delegations.


space zone

For details on how you can participate in the Space Zone or for further information, please contact:

Des Gregory
New Business Manager
Telephone: +44 (0) 1252 532800
Email: [email protected]


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    11 - 17 July 2016
    16 - 22 July 2018

Opening Times

Trade Days
Mon 11th July 2016    1000hrs - 1600hrs
Tues 12 - Fri 15th July 2016    0930hrs - 1730hrs

Futures Day & Fabulous Farnborough Friday
Fri 15th July 2016   0930hrs - 1730hrs

Public Weekend
Sat 16th - Sun 17th July 2016   0930hrs - 1730hrs


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